Swissquote 2023 Review: A Must-Read Before You Begin!

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Swissquote Group Holding Ltd., commonly known as Swissquote, is a Swiss-based online banking and trading platform founded in 1996. Headquartered in Gland, Switzerland, Swissquote has established itself as one of the leading digital financial service providers in Europe.

As one of the leading online brokers in Europe, Swissquote certainly has a lot to offer, but is it the right choice for you? In this comprehensive review, we’re going to dive into everything Swissquote-related so you can decide for yourself.

We’ll explore their trading platforms, available markets, fees, and more. By the end, you’ll know whether Swissquote should be your new go-to broker or if you’re better off going with another option. Let’s get started with it

Swissquote: An Overview of the Company

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Swissquote is a Swiss banking group specializing in online financial and trading services. Founded in 1996, Swissquote Bank Ltd is a Swiss public limited company regulated by FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority. They offer services like:

  • Online trading of stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, futures, options, forex, CFDs, and more.
  • Robo-advisory and managed portfolios
  • Mortgages and personal loans
  • Savings accounts
  • Cryptocurrency trading

With over 400 employees, Swissquote serves over 300,000 customers worldwide. They make investing and trading accessible to everyone through their user-friendly platforms and apps.

Swissquote has offices in Switzerland, Dubai, Malta, Hong Kong and London. They are listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of over 1 billion CHF.

If you’re looking for an established, reputable broker to help you reach your financial goals, Swissquote is a great choice. Their cutting-edge platforms, competitive pricing, and focus on security and transparency provide an all-around excellent experience for traders of all skill levels. Open an account today and discover why Swissquote is a leader in online trading.

What Swissquote Offers: Trading Platforms, Accounts and Fees

Swissquote offers three main trading platforms to suit different needs.


Their basic platform is great for casual trading and provides real-time data for stocks, ETFs, funds, bonds, and more. Their advanced platform adds professional tools for technical analysis and charting. For frequent traders, Swissquote’s direct market access platform provides lightning-fast order execution.

Swissquote has three account types. The standard account allows trading of most products but with higher fees. The premium account lowers fees and adds perks like a dedicated broker. The metal account adds a physical gold and silver vault, lower fees, and higher limits. Opening an account is straightforward and can be done fully online.

Fees at Swissquote are on the lower end compared to other European brokers. Stock and ETF trading starts at just $1 per trade. Option and future contracts are around $2 each. Swissquote doesn’t charge inactivity or maintenance fees. Financing rates for margin trading are also competitive. However, foreign exchange fees for trading products in other currencies can be high. It may be best to stick to products denominated in Swiss francs or Euros.

Overall, Swissquote provides an impressive range of products and services for casual to active traders. Their competitive fees and choice of trading platforms suit most needs and budgets. While foreign exchange fees could be lower, Swissquote’s other benefits like dedicated support for larger accounts can make them worthwhile for serious traders. For Europeans looking for an established broker, Swissquote deserves consideration.

Swissquote Review: Pros, Cons, and Final Verdict

Swissquote is one of the reputable online brokers in Switzerland that offers a wide range of investment options. Here are some of the pros and cons of this platform:


  • Low fees: Swissquote has low trading and account fees compared to other brokers. Opening an account is free and there are no inactivity or withdrawal fees.
  • Safe and regulated: Swissquote is regulated by FINMA, the Swiss financial regulator, so your money and data are secure. It is also listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.
  • Excellent trading platforms: Swissquote provides user-friendly web, desktop, and mobile platforms for trading stocks, ETFs, forex, bonds, and more. The platforms offer useful tools for analysis and research.
  • Wide range of assets: You can invest in over 2 million products including stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, bonds, mutual funds, and cryptos.


  • Limited research: Swissquote’s research offering is quite basic. The analysis and data are sufficient for casual investors but may lack depth for professionals.
  • High currency conversion fees: Although Swissquote has low trading fees, currency conversion fees are relatively high. It charges 0.5-1% for converting your deposits and withdrawals to/from Swiss Francs.

Final Thought

Swissquote is a great choice for Swiss investors and expats looking for a reliable online broker with competitive fees and a wide selection of investment options. The easy-to-use platforms and solid security provide an excellent experience for casual trading and long-term investing.

However, the limited research tools and high currency exchange rates may deter active or professional traders. Overall, Swissquote is a reputable broker for buying and holding a diversified portfolio.



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